During use if you experience any problems or user errors Customers can contact directly with the airline service center or shop system for help.

1. The case is warranted free:

  • Warranty products are: overcoming the failures, technical problems caused by the fault of the Manufacturer.
  • Products are free warranty if the product longer warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery.
  • The warranty period is indicated on the warranty card and the provisions of each maker for all technical incidents.
  • Yes Warranty and Warranty stamp of Manufacturer on the product.
  • Product warranty provisions will follow the warranty of each maker for technical incidents.

2. The following cases will void the warranty (repair charge):

  • These products can not determine the source, they may deny warranty.
  • The product has expired recorded on the warranty card or warranty card loss.
  • Warranty card, warranty seals torn, no warranty Stamps, Stamps warranty or modified goats.
  • Warranty Card not specify Serial number and date of purchase.
  • Serial number and warranty cards are not overlapping or unidentifiable for any reason.
  • Products damaged by falling, collision, friction with hard objects scratching, denting heart, sanpham be in the country ...

In addition to its warranty policy for all products, systems store special policies as follows:

1. Conditions barter: (within 07 days)

  • Products must be kept in the manufacturer's stamp.
  • Products are identified technical errors by employees of the store or the system manufacturer.
  • Products must receive the intact shell bucket, sponge and complete the associated accessories, promotional gifts (if any) ...
  • Products bring the defective form (scratches, chips, dented distortion, yellowing, ...)
  • Products receipt must contain all the documents enclosed as (proof of purchase, if VAT invoice, warranty card, manuals, ...

2. If not accepted:

  • Product failures due to improper use of customer instructions.
  • Customers do not implement the regulations as required to receive warranty (eg no warranty sent to the prescribed place in the specified time).
  • Customer self condition affecting external packaging products such as torn, scratched, broken, ...
  • Error of product form


1. Purpose and scope of information gathering

  • The main data collection on the web, including: email, phone, username, password, customer address, IP (members). This is the information that members provide Thegioialo.com.vn need mandatory when registering to use the service and to contact supermarkets confirm when customers registered to use the service on its website to ensure benefits for for consumers.
  • Members will be responsible for security and keeping all operations using the services under the registered name, password and your e-mail box. In addition, members are responsible for timely notification to the supermarket for their acts against unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, storage and password registered name of a third party to take measures to solve fit.

2. Scope of the use of information

  • We use the information provided to members:
  • Provide services to members.
  • Send notices of activities to exchange information between members supermarket.
  • Prevent destructive activities user account or the user's activity fake member.
  • Contact and settlement with members of the special case.
  • Do not use personal information for purposes other members confirm and contact-related transactions
  • In case of legal requirements, we have the responsibility to cooperate in providing personal information when requested members of the judiciary including the procuracy, courts, public security organs investigation concerning violations of certain laws of customers. Also, no one has the right to infringe on the personal information of members.

3. Time store information

  • We will store the personal information provided by customers on the system of our internal processes in providing services to clients or until complete collection purposes or when the customer has asked Cancellations of information provided.

4. Address of the unit to collect and manage personal information
Shop system
5. Means and tools for users to access and edit your personal data
Members have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel your personal information by logging into your account and edit personal information or ask us to do this.
6. Privacy Statement customer personal information

  • Personal information of members on the web is absolutely committed to the security policy protecting the personal information of the system store. The collection and use of information of each member is only done when there is the consent of the customer unless otherwise stipulated by other laws.
  • Not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party personal information of members in the absence of permission from the members agree.
  • In the case of information storage server hacker attacks resulting in the loss of personal data members, we will have the responsibility to inform the matter to the authorities handling the investigation promptly and notify the Members are known.
  • Absolute security of all transaction information online member information including accounting invoice document digitization.